1) Materials meet drinking water standard.
2) 100% pure virgin material, CaCO3 free (Chalk).
3) UV resistant powder added.
4) Can be assembled vertically or horizontally.


1) Material:PVC,CPVC.
2) Size:2½”-6”;75mm-160mm;DN65-DN150.
3) Standard:ANSI,DIN,JIS,CNS.
4) Joint End:Socket or Threaded(NPT,PT,BSPF).
5) Working Pressure:150 PSI.
6) Operating Temperature:PVC(0~55℃);CPVC(0~95℃).
7) Valve body color:PVC(dark gray),CPVC(light gray).

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  • Description

    Product Description


    – In particular increase the thickness at the end of body for impact resistance strength when suddenly open.
    – Two plane and the Oring grooves are by machining, to ensure the combination of surface formation, better sealing.
    – Improved design on valve rib, at the bottom to reduce weight and greatly increased due to water hammer valve impact resistance and strenght.
    – The abolition of the metal shaft, all to switch to all-in-one plastic structure, increased corrosion resistance.
    – Buckle fixed valve petal, the elimination of the original way, replacing the two columns of fixed processing erros,and increase the opening angle to reduce the flow resistance.
    – Sealing surface design is titled 10 degrees, so that it also can use at the level of the installation.
    – Lock 8 screws the upper and lower body more closely and firmly, under the water hammer, it is diffcult deformation, better sealing.