Tylo Sauna Heater Sense Sport 6


Sense Sport 6 : RM 5, 400
Sauna Stone 20KG : RM 270

Output(kW) = 6.6
Sauna Volume (m3) = 4 – 8
Weight heater + rocks (kg) = 17+20
Size (WxHxD) = 435x605x375


The Sense Sport electric sauna heater is available in versions with two different power outputs and may be placed on the floor or on the wall. The control panel is built into the heater and located at its base. Requires 3 phase 20 amp with isolator.

The design and inherent qualities of the Expression sauna have no compromises. Its design has won much acclaim and has received the international Red Dot Design Award. However, it is not just the out of this products that attracts attention.

The award winning design will heat your sauna fast and with ease. It’s built in air chamber speeds up air and heat distribution and contributes to its energy efficiency.


  • Description

    Product Description

    1.Thermosafe protective coating. Prevents accidental skin burns.

    2.Extremely fast heating times.

    3.Split Output functionality. Reduces power output once set temperature is reached