Waterco Electroheat MKV 9KW Heat Pump – Single Phase


9 KW Heat Pump – RM 13,120
12 KW Heat Pump – RM 14,400
15 KW Heat Pump – RM 17,640
19 KW Heat Pump – RM 22,390
23 KW Heat Pump – RM 26,950

Greater interest in environmentally friendly and cost effective pool heating has seen an increase in the use of heat pumps to heat pools. To meet the demand, the Electroheat MKV with heat output capacities 9, 12, 15, 19 and 23kW which are ideal for heating plunge pools, swim spas, spas and swimming pools as a solar replacement/season extender.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    The Electroheat MKV has been designed with ease of use and maintenance firmly in mind. For example, the LED control panel features a continuous digital pool temperature display and incorporates a self diagnosis system. In the event of a problem, the control panel will display diagnostic error codes.

    It has been built with ozone friendly R410A refrigerant, described as the refrigerant of the future, which has dual benefits. Not only is it kinder to the environment, it also improves the heat pump’s performance.

    Key features of the Electroheat MKV

    High density dual coil titanium heat exchanger
    Hydrophilic Blue Fin technology
    R410A refrigerant gas
    Temperature management and self diagnosis
    Compact dimensions of 126cm (W) x 36cm (L) x 71cm (H)
    Scroll compressor
    Weather proof cabinet